Facts & figures

The Levenseindekliniek was established in March 2012. Starting with only a few teams of doctors and nurses, it has now grown into an organization of over 50 teams, and a staff of 10 to manage and investigate the requests.

In the first year of its existence the Levenseindekliniek helped 32 people with euthanasia and assisted suicide. In 2016 that number had grown to over 400, due to the growth of the number of applicants and teams. Expectations are that in the coming years over 500 people will be able to be helped each year.

The number of requests is  growing every year. At the moment one third of all applicants are psychiatric patients. People with somatic diseases, like MS, ALS, heart and lung failure or those suffering from a cerebrovascular accident form another third of the requests. Patients with cancer, a multitude of diseases affecting the elderly and dementia form the remaining third.

Of the people receiving euthanasia around thirty percent are suffering from cancer. Another 35 percent have some other somatic disease. Nine percent of the people who were helped by the Levenseindekliniek were psychiatric patients.