One of the requirements of the Levenseindekliniek is that the applicant is registered in the Netherlands before making his request. We also require Dutch health insurance or proof that the patient is capable of paying for the research that may lead to euthanasia, and for the euthanasia itself. We don’t investigate applications from abroad: the demand from Dutch patients is already almost more than we can handle.

No. The Levenseindekliniek is not a residential clinic, or a hospice, or an institute where you can stay. We have no rooms, beds, or nursing facilities. The help we provide is given at the home of the patients, by teams of doctors and nurses. They visit the patients a number of times to investigate the request. At the office in The Hague the applications are sorted out based on urgency, type of disease, etc. An initial investigation of the patient’s medical background is also performed there.

See question 1. You have to be registered as an inhabitant of Holland, living here. That is not the same as having Dutch nationality.

If you’re not Dutch and not planning to live here it does not make sense to make the trip. If you’re Dutch and living abroad, but you have a place to stay, then you’re welcome.

Not everyone that applies will see their request granted. About one third of all patients that apply will eventually receive euthanasia, either from the Levenseindekliniek or, after mediation by the Levenseindekliniek, from their own doctor. The other patients are declined because they don’t meet the criteria, don’t want to cooperate with investigating their medical background, or they withdraw their request. A fairly large number of patients die before the request can be researched.

The Levenseindekliniek works independently from other clinics with the same objectives. Some of them give assisted dying to non-residents of the country where they are situated, like Exit and Dignitas in Switzerland. As mentioned before, that is not what the Levenseindekliniek can offer.

The Levenseindekliniek is an initiative of the NVVE, the Dutch Right to Die Society. For information about alternatives the NVVE is probably best placed to provide advice from a Dutch point of view. Go to nvve.nl.

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