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If you’re a journalist

The Levenseindekliniek draws a lot of attention from media from all over the world. We are a small organisation, but we try to comply with every request made by serious media for interviews, reports and information. We strive for a good relationship with journalists who are interested in telling the story of the Levenseindekliniek.

Your contact is Ronald Stapel, the spokesperson of the Levenseindekliniek, at or (+)(00)316 11 718 827. Please state your request and if she is not present she will get back to you as soon as possible


Death Noa Pothoven

De Levenseindekliniek is approached from all over the world for a reaction to the death of seventeen-year-old Noa Pothoven. However, due to privacy rules, we cannot make any statements about this.

To put an end to incorrect reporting (in foreign media in particular) about her death, we refer to the statement made by friends of Noa this afternoon: Noa Pothoven did not die of euthanasia. To stop her suffering, she has stopped eating and drinking.
De Levenseindekliniek deals exclusively with euthanasia and does so explicitly within the Dutch legal framework.